When you wanna send some files…u must Zip it.

Before those files drive you wild…u must Zip it.

Don’t just sit there like a child…u must Zip it.

Now Zip it, Zip it good.


That’s my version of the song as I decided to blog about .zip files, how nice and easy they are and how not a lot of people utilize them or for that matter, even know what a .zip file is!

We the printers and graphics people of the world, deal with lots of high resolution images. We send and receive folders of final design and press quality files daily. Whether it’s a client who needs to send me a folder of images, logos and Word docs so that we can design a brochure for them, or another design firm or marketing department who sends me print ready files for a large print job. Zipping a folder of large files makes it faster and easier to just send that folder of goodies as 1 file vs. multiple files across multiple emails that then have to be saved individually onto our computers… A .zip file… It’s great!

So Zip it and Zip it good.

To Zip a folder –
On a Mac:
• Control click or right click the folder, go in the dropdown menu and click “Compress ‘folder name, whatever it may be'” and wait for it. Then bing bang boom, you got yourself a .zip file!

On a PC:
• Right click the folder, go in the dropdown menu and select “Sent To” and then select “Compressed (zipped) folder”. Then like magic a .zip file will appear.

Send that MOFO.

And then when you receive a .zip file. Do not say, “Oh, I cannot open this. What is this .zip file??” UnZip it and move on.

To UnZip a folder –
On a Mac:
• Just download it or drag it onto your desktop, whatever you gotta do and double click that bitch and boom… it UnZips – and along comes the original folder of files and you or I are now good to go!

On a PC:
• Save the .zip file onto your computer. Right click the file and from the drop down menu, click “extract”. And that’s it.

.Zip files exist for a reason and they’re awesome. So, learn them, love them, and use them…always!

Now Zip it, Zip it good!