Truth in advertising…does it really exist?

I have always been searching for a client with that big budget, who just wants to come up with that no nonsense Ad idea that is truly special and completely different. A client who has the balls to try something new. To give me the chance to just wow them with a wild concept and run with it. Write the script, storyboard the idea and help produce it. Making sure it is brilliant.

So, does Truth in advertising really exist?

Sure it does… But do You have the stones to do it?

I mean I get it, we run companies and have brands that define our good names. We do not want to taint that name, so why would we try to be different, honest or crazy…we will destroy our good image.!?

Well, not if it’s done right! Most people think they cannot afford to take a marketing risk, but the companies who do take risks, who are different, fun, honest, a bit crazy…when done right, have been very successful.

Speaking of which, on a funny note, I wrote this post based around one of my favorite movie scenes of all times, comes from the movie: Crazy People

Actually, there are a few scenes in this movie that continue to make me laugh my ass off every time I watch them. Probably not even a very well known movie for that matter, but the no nonsense ads that they came up with for this movie and the way the actors play the roles in these scenes is just absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Overall the movie is humorous, but the advertisement scenes make this one a must see on my list!

Check out the movie Crazy People, at least for the ads, or if you just cannot wait to see what I am talking about, watch the videos below, these are some of my favorite scenes:

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Enjoy the clips below.

*** PR will Not actually send you a free plant if you call now… just watch the second video, you will love it!