Project Description

Lochinvar was put in touch with us because they had a serious problem. They were releasing a new line of boiler systems and wanted to have an outdoor rated metallic decal that could last for at least 10 years.

This actually was a major issue because most metallic vinyls do not last outdoors for more than a few years.

They were getting prototypes from a slew of print vendors and nobody could promise them a decal that could stand up to all of their requirements, nor could anyone meet the look they were after.

This job was actually a big risk to take on because there was a ton of research and prototyping involved and Lochinvar basically turned this into a challenge to see which of their chosen vendors could come up with the best solution.

After spending 40+ hours over the course of about 2 months, we researched, contacted all the big name brands, picked many brains, ordered sample rolls, test printed, laminated, custom cut and shipped out prototypes at our cost to try to win this clients contract.

It took a ton of digging, but we ended up finding an amazing product that fit the bill. We had the research to prove it, the warranties in place, and all that was left, was to hope the clients team loved our prototype, test apply it to their unit and pick a winner.

Sadly, we were the second choice, so we did not end up getting the contract.

However, we blew many of their team members minds and our efforts were greatly appreciated.

All in all, I am glad we took on the challenge. It was exciting, we gained a lot of knowledge and we have a new client who was so impressed with our work and research that they will certainly be in contact with us again in the future.