Project Description

When PR was first given the opportunity to work with Welch Allyn, they gave us a few smaller jobs…probably to test us out, see if we had what it takes to meet their last minute rush needs and high expectations. After those first few jobs, the work became more frequent, they took more risks with us. They quickly realized that PR could handle everything they threw our way!

Then I introduced them to my preferred line of fabric retractable displays and pop up booths. They were hooked. With our lightning fast turnaround, exceptional print quality, and durability that is backed with a great set of lifetime warrantied hardware systems. They loved the ease of setup and break down and of course…the looks of their new displays. Top that off with the frequency of use and constant shipping they incur from show to show and back to home base. When their next shows displays needed updating, we provided quick, easy, painless print swapping and re-use of their great hardware’s to save them money! It’s a win win.

One of the more exciting Welch Allyn projects included: Building a custom trade show booth (a full color, fully functional, tension fabric pillowcased darkroom) to show off one of their most unique products. This booth was a huge hit.

They are yet another exciting client that we are thankful to have, one who counts on PR to handle all of their rush trade show and custom design needs!